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Organic Cacao Powder

The product:

A rich natural cacao powder, offering the bright flavors of heirloom Nacional cacao by Conexión. This high-fat powder contains no alkali, as is found in dark dutch-processed cocoa, making it less soluble.

The cocoa beans used to produce this cocoa powder are organically grown on small farms in Ecuador, by farmers with whom Conexión has close relationships. This high quality cacao powder came to us through direct trade. It makes great and fluffy chocolate cakes because of its acidity. This is the only shop where you can get this great product, no plastic packaging involved!


Price transparency:

The organic cacao powder is bought in a 5 kg bulk bag and costs 14,77 € incl. tax. It is sold in quantities of 125 g steps and to offer you a fair price for this high quality and sustainable product, we only calculate with 15,00€/hour, so for two minutes of work, we add 0,50 € to the price.

Organic Cacao Powder

Sales Tax Included |
  • The product will be filled into a mason jar provided by you when you pick it up on site. If you don't have a jar in the right size and want one from stock, you can find it as a separate item in the shop.

    If you are not from Berlin and would like to have the ingredient sent, then please add the mason jar to your cart. The shipping costs are made up of the usual DHL fees and the working time required to pack and ship the goods.

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