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This is

About us

Actually it's just one person

namely Gabrielle. I am the shopper

baker, supplier and baking course instructor.

Gebackene Kekse


to create awareness.

Through my range of sustainable baking ingredients, like fair chocolate and cocoa. An awareness for the alternatives. Not just unpackaged baking ingredients, but also alternatives to animal products. I hope to make vegan baking accessible to all of Berlin so that lots of people will bake good vegan cakes. That's why I offer my vegan baking courses with a wide range of great recipes.


fair ingredients and vegan recipes in every kitchen.

I buy them from the best international ethical suppliers and hope bring them into your home. Sharing is caring and this is how I want to make a difference. We have to change our consumer behavior and baking ingredients as well as vegan cakes play a role!

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