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Vegan Brunch

From granola to pancakes and scones, we're making a delicious brunch | 1-3 people

  • 4 Std.


Who doesn't like a lovely and chilled brunch on the weekend? And a homemade vegan meal has a lot to offer! So we will be preparing a healthy granola, fluffy pancakes, chickpea salad and scones that go well with any kind of spread. It's the best of the best and everyone will find something to enjoy! Let's bring a friend or two and some time to learn a few vegan recipes. You will be stuffed and hopefully happy afterwards. The recipes will be sent to you as PDF afterwards. Available for 1 to 3 attendees. The course can be taught in English and German. Estimated duration ~ 4 hours, but might take a bit longer.


  • Kiautschoustraße 1, 13353 Berlin, Germany

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