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Refined sugar

The product:

This is standard white sugar. It is made from sugar beets and is therefore always vegan, unlike in the USA, where mostly cane sugar is used, which is then separated from the molasses with the help of gelatine. So cheers to the sugar beet developed in Europe! It is cheap and locally sourced, hooray!


The price:

The sugar is bought in a 25 kg bag. The kilo costs 0.70 € including VAT. In order to offer a fair price, we calculate with labor costs of €15.00/hour. For two minutes of filling and sealing with an adhesive strip that shows the best-before date., you will be charged a one-time fee of €0.50.

Refined sugar

Sales Tax Included |
  • The product will be filled into a mason jar provided by you when you pick it up on site. If you don't have a jar in the right size and want one from stock, you can find it as a separate item in the shop.

    If you are not from Berlin and would like to have the ingredient sent, then the same applies. The shipping costs are made up of the usual DHL fees and the working time required to pack and ship the goods.

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