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Organic Ceylon cinnamon

The product:

During the search for the right cinnamon for cinnamon rolls, we compared the Cassia and Ceylon varieties. The first one is sharper in taste and more intense. Too pushy. The extremely delicate and ground Ceylon cinnamon we finally went for comes from Sri Lanka and purchase from Sonnentor. This Austrian company trades directly and fairly with the organic farmers.


The price:

The kilo costs around 32.72 € incl. VAT. In order to offer a fair price, we calculate with labor costs of €15.00/hour. It takes about two mimutes to fill and seal the glass, so 0.50€ will be added once to the prodcut price. The filling quantity is at least one tablespoon, i.e. 15 grams. A tablespoon consists of three teaspoons. These are the standardized dimensions from the USA, which is the best way to bake.

Organic Ceylon cinnamon

Sales Tax Included |
  • Upon collection, the product will be filled into a screw-top jar provided by you. If you don't have a jar in the right size and want one from stock, you can find it as a separate item in the shop.

    If you are not from Berlin and would like the ingredient sent, the same applies. The shipping costs are made up of the usual DHL fees and the working time required to pack and ship the goods.

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