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Whole walnuts

The product:

Walnuts are great brain food and should definitely be added to brownies, chocolate chip cookies and vegan carrot cake.

Our walnuts come from a wholesaler for nuts and dried fruit in Hamburg, they are NOT grown in Chile, as is usually the case, but from Moldavia. That, in turn, is a poor country and can't afford the organic certificate - but that doesn't make the nuts any less nutritious and the transport is simply shorter than from South America. Definitely a bonus for us!


The price:

The kilo costs 9.70 € including VAT, because it's pretty hard work to crack thos nuts open. In order to offer a fair price, we calculate with labor costs of 15.00 € / hour. So if it takes us two minutes for filling and sealing with an adhesive strip that shows the best-before date, you will be charged a one-time fee of 0.50 €. Minimum purchase is 100 grams and from there in 50 gram increments up to 500 grams, because you don't necessarily need that many at once. Nuts can go bad!

Whole walnuts

Sales Tax Included |
  • The product will be filled into a mason jar provided by you when you pick it up on site. If you don't have a jar in the right size and want one from stock, you can find it as a separate item in the shop.

    If you are not from Berlin and would like to have the ingredient sent, then the same applies. The shipping costs are made up of the usual DHL fees and the working time required to pack and ship the goods.

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